Mass Notification Systems for emergency management

Sumo manufactures critical outdoor mass notification equipment to provide or augment emergency management communications during crisis events.

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Introducing the TacPA

The TacPA is an outdoor mass notification system designed to enhance incident command capabilities.

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Delivery fast

Truly Mobile PA Systems

Using a vehicle as a base station means you can cover more ground and rapidly disseminate information to the public


Independent operations

The TacPA is not affected by large network, power, and infrastructure outages that are typical in crisis situations and emergency events.

The TacPA is designed to deploy in various types of emergency events

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Border First Responders

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Compass Search and Rescue

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Wind Evacuations

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School Active Shooter Scenarios

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Hospital 33 Disaster Relief

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Shield Crowd Control

Deploy in less than 30 seconds

Other mass notification systems can take up to 15 minutes or more to deploy.


Rapid Sound Deployment ®

The Sumo TacPA
Less than 30 seconds
Typical mass notification equipment
15 minutes or more

Deployment of the TacPA is 30x faster than typical mass notification equipment

Flexible Command and Control

Options that allow linking several units to one radio. Also allows for one commander to select either all linked units or (for tactical purposes) choose only selected units to broadcast messages.

Versatile control options

From dedicated single user radio with direct control to the incident commander or EOC can choose how to communicate

Dynamic Sound Coverage

Control the TacPA on-site or via remote command with a radio. You also have the flexibility to send different messages to each TacPA you are using.

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Move as the incident evolves

The TacPA's flexibility allows you to move with the incident

TacPA effective coverage

Suppliment your existing coverage area with the TacPA

Coverage of Typical mass notification system
The Sumo TacPA Coverage

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Designed for harsh environments

The hardened enclosure is designed to protect critical communication components, thereby providing extended life of the equipment.

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The TacPA is specifically designed for:

First Responders
Search and Rescue
Active Shooter Scenarios
Hospital 33
Disaster Relief
Crowd Control

How the TacPA Compares

The TacPA augments outdoor mass notification systems using highly intelligible voice signals over large and focused areas.

TacPATypical mass notification equipment
Remote radio operations
Unique patented technology
Flexible sound footprint
Deploy in less than 30 Seconds
Dynamic sound coverage
Protected until deployed
Paper diploma

Patented technology

The U.S. Patents & Trademarks Office has issued both utility and design patents for this new outdoor mass notification system using vehicles as a base.

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